Westgate Auto Finance

In need of a better Finance Solution?

Westgate Auto offers clients the opportunity to change their monthly vehicle installments to the current value of your vehicle settlement amount.

Change your interest rate, your finance term and even free up some extra Capital up to 60 days.

If your vehicle is paid in full but you are now accountable for the Residual/Balloon payment, Westgate Auto will help you to finance the Residual/Balloon payment at a better interest rate & term.

Westgate Auto also offers the option for you to refinance your vehicle if it is paid for in full.

Meaning that you get cash out! This is by far the cheapest loan when you are in need of cash. The vehicle cannot be older than years.

It is easy Refinance your vehicle with Westgate Auto!!

Westgate Auto will also help you through the process, from completing the Application to Payout.

Download the Financial Application form here

You are welcome to complete our application form and send it back to us to see if you get financial approval on a specific vehicle.

Print & complete the Application Form and send it back to us

E-mail your completed form to westgateauto@mweb.co.za or fax it to (011) 763 7850

Financial Service Provider (FSP) Number: FSP28260

* Terms & Conditions apply